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The main objectives of the Pavement and Structural streams are:

Pavement stream

The primary means by which the project will contribute are by encouraging a greater use of recycled components in pavement materials and by the explicit consideration of environmental performance in the design.

The second key objective is to prepare for the harmonisation of European approaches of material specification within the next generation of CEN standards. This will involve moving from a recipe approach, which puts much emphasis on the intrinsic characteristics of the constituents, to a performance-based approach of the in-place products, which allows consideration to be made irrespective of the type of material. This part of the project has the following technical and scientific objectives:

bulletTo produce a general methodology for the assessment of functional, safety and environmental aspects for the use and re-use of any kind of material taking into consideration the actual context of use. The originality is the consideration of the material interactivity with its environment in the assessment process.
bulletTo draft an environmental annex to CEN products standards and to define testing protocols for investigation of hazardous components when considering the re-use of pavement materials.
bulletTo develop mechanical models and test methods in order to derive performance-based specifications related to functional properties.
bulletTo produce technical guides and recommendations for a proper use of recycling techniques in road construction.
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Structural stream

The maintenance of concrete structures, be it pre-emptive or for repair or strengthening, is a heavy burden for society not only in financial terms but also as a major potential disturbance of civil systems. The structures part of the project is specifically targeted to support the EU policy to improve the highway structure maintenance with respect to greater efficiency and durability of the applied procedures, resulting in reduced number of necessary road closures. This will lead to considerable reduction of associated costs and increase users' safety. Special attention will be given to the Central European (CE) countries where condition of the highway structures may differ from the EU situation. This part of the project has the following technical and scientific objectives:

bulletTo draw together the requirements for a sustainable maintenance strategy which satisfies the functional, safety, economic and environmental requirements for highway structures.
bulletTo investigate the applicability of two innovative techniques, the corrosion inhibitors and the high performance fibre reinforced cementitious composites, which can be used for maintenance of bridges, tunnels, embankment, culverts and retaining walls, at different levels of corrosion attack of the reinforcement.
bulletTo update and analyse the inventory of highway structures in the selected EEA and CE countries.
bulletTo propose methods and procedures for improved maintenance of highway structures.
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