SAMARIS work packages have produced a number of questionnaires that are necessary to complete their work. If your country is not represented in the SAMARIS consortia, you are most welcomed to complete them and return them to the author's e-mail address (click the Author icon in the table below to obtain it). If you do not have all the answers, please, give those that you have. 

Questionnaires available:

WP. Title Posted kB Author
3 A survey of factors that have an effect on the material behavior in road application, with instructions and French example on coal fly ash 10.10.03 386
Provided by A.Znidaric
6 Questionnaire on road by-products with instructions 10.10.03 77
Provided by J.M. Piau
15 Questionnaire on highway structures 24.10.03 289 Provided by J.M. Piau

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